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It feels like I don’t really have anything to say anymore. Life is pretty much normal.

For the most part we have a happy little boy. Or big boy actually. He’s turning 9 this summer. He has also lived over half of his life with us. I remember reading years ago how happy some people got when that day had arrived, they counted in advance the exact date and everything. Then it seemed that for us that day was so far away. Some time in March 2015… The day came and went.

School’s going better. in his last writing test he got 17/22. Amazing for our son, who hates writing and thinks he always gets everything wrong.

He loves cooking and playing games with us. and tv, he loves tv and electronics. If he could choose, that’s all he would do day in and day out. But we have rules. And they seem to work.

He hates that I work. And especially that I work so much as I do. Never mind how I try to explain that even if I work long days a few days a week, I also take days off every now and then. No, he thinks I should work 2 days a week, his papa should work 2 days a week. he should be 4 days a week in school, and we should all be home 3 days a week.

He’s getting a lot closer to his papa. It also means a lot more fighting with papa. And then small signs that he wants papa to keep close by. Prove he isn’t going anywhere. For the most part it works. Like yesterday when he came in and asked his papa where he had his hammer. He didn’t ask me. It ended up with the boys building things “all day”. Sweet. Every now and then I got a shout to come outside and look at how good they were.

All in all. I think this will be it. Don’t really have anything to say anymore. for the most part it’s all good, life is good. We have the coolest little man in this planet. And he’s all mine (and a bit belongs to his papa as well).

Take care.


Spring is coming

The snow has melted and spring seems to have arrived very early this year.

And a lot of news… Some bad, some good.

Babies born, old people dying and other less important stuff.

The kid’s seems to have settled back to school ok. Not that we’d actually know, as they don’t tell us anything. No news is good news??? He’s always been one to react at home, so it’s hard to say how he actually behaves in school…

Other big thing with monkey is his new bike. He decided to grow a lot in 6 Months and as his old bike was getting to small last summer, it was time to buy a new one. This time I asked my dad to come and help, and he did. He also ended up paying for the bike, a nice surprise. Now the kid has a cool bike, that can grow with him, and hopefully he won’t need a new bike for at least 3 years. That’s the plan at least.

St Patrick’s day came and went, we decorated the house and the kid got his face painted and we dressed up for the day. Monkey also brought candy to school and the teacher told the other kids about St Patrick.

Now I have to go and make dinner. So this is it for now.


We meet the teacher on Tuesday, she promised that next weeks assignment wouldn’t have anything to do with monkeys early childhood. We told her, that it’s up to Monkey if and WHAT he wants to tell his class about his childhood. That was fine with her (not that we would have given her a choice in the matter).

Today was the day for the presentations. Monkeyboys presentation went like this: My name is “monkeyboy Irishname Swedishname surname”. Here’s a photo of me when I was a baby. And then he showed a photo of himself at 14 Months. That was it.

Actually got a note from the teacher saying that Monkey had given his presentation, and it went well.


Tomorrow he has a written test. So we practiced today.  He actually wrote all the words correct, (I’m so proud), the fact that there’s no breaks between the words, or that he mixes his big and small letters, that doesn’t matter. He wrote all the words correct. The second time we tried to remember to put a break between the words. And he did. This time he almost made some mistakes, but he noticed them himself, and corrected them as well. That to me, is a lot bigger thing then writing a big letter in the start of every sentence.

He has learnt how to read and now writing seems to come along nicely. Maths has never been a problem. I’m so so happy and proud.

On an other note

2015-01-06 11.10.37 2015-01-11 14.53.34

Here’s some photos of monkey snowboarding. Did I already say that he loves it! And unlike his parents, he seems to be naturally good at sports. =D

It all seems to be coming together nicely, our life that is. Maybe after being home for 4 years, life is getting normal with normal problems and normal things.

Grumble, grumble, grumble

When the kid had his first day at school, or actually more like a test day at school in May, I called the teacher and spoke with her. Explained things that she needed to know. Then we had a meeting and once again, we talked and explained.

We meet up in August, and once again, we talked and explained things. What was hard and why.

In October we meet up and talked… I November we emailed a lot.

One thing all these meetings had in common, was the fact that we explained about how assignments about times when he was a baby would be hard, as we have no information. And if there would be any assignments about his early life, could she let us know in advance, so we could think about what way we would do them…

The first week back to school after an awesome holiday arrives, it’s hard as it is. The kid’s not a very happy child. I’m back at work, he’s back at school and so on. Everyone is waiting for Friday and the weekend

Friday arrives, husband calls, something has happened at school, don’t know what, but the kid is very upset. I arrive home and we spend the rest of the evening either kid in my lap or kid on the floor pretending to be a dog (something we haven’t seen in almost 4 years). An hour before bed time, I find out. The kid has got a new book from school: the book about Monkeyboy. The first assignment in that book: were was I born, how much did I weigh, how tall was I. A photo of me as a small baby. Presentation in front of the whole class on Thursday.

The kid goes to bed, I tell husband, that I’ll read for him tonight. The first time in a long long time, the kid gets his bottle, wants to be a baby. One of the last things he asks me before falling asleep is: why don’t I know those things, when everyone else knows them…

By Sunday I still haven’t calmed down enough to write an email to the teacher. So my husband does it. In his very overly polite and yet so snarky way. Politely stating that maybe the teacher has forgotten the fact that our son was adopted at the age of 4, and therefor we do not have the information or photos. Also saying that we want to meet her on Tuesday morning.

Today we received an answer, well I say we, but I mean me, as it was in Swedish, and my husband doesn’t read (or understand Swedish). Lot’s of she had thought…. She was going to email us, but she forgot. and 9am on Tuesday is fine.

I couldn’t get myself to respond more than: we’ll see you at 9am tomorrow.

I guess it’s easy to forget, I forget things on a daily basis. And she does have 11 students to think about and remember all there problems. Still I’m pissed off. I thought that I would have calmed down by now, but it’s not happened yet…

Might be best if husband does most of the talking tomorrow. Not for that, he’s pissed off as well. He’s just better at being snarky and polite.

And just to make myself clear, I don’t object the assignment, and we have actually filled in what little we could (mainly his name), I object to the fact that the teacher didn’t once again give us any warning, we didn’t have time to talk to Monkey about the assignment. Also I’m not so keen on the idea of Monkey standing up in front of the class and telling that he doesn’t know. And Monkey told us very clearly that it’s his privet information, he doesn’t want to tell the whole class about it. It’s not a secret, but if he doesn’t want to make it public information, he doesn’t have to.

This one is up to him. We’ll take our lead from him.

Oh my, it’s been a while hasn’t it.

Sorry about that, a lot has been going on. And I haven’t seem to have time to sit down to blog in a long time.

So what has happened?

Well, the kid has been in school for the first half of his first year. Only 5 Months to go until Summer holidays, and oh boy, he’s looking forward to his summer holidays, and yes, he went back to school today after his 2,5 weeks Christmas holidays…

School has been a challenge to say the least. Not so much Academically speaking, as his skills in Maths and other science related subjects are very good for his age. Reading and writing was a small problem, until we decided that as he was well able to read his homework page in school, we won’t stress about it at home and will just go with the flow. It has actually worked fairly well, and in October he read his first book to me all by himself. A short book, but it was a book. Now of days we read books that are meant for starting to read, he reads a sentence, then I read one and then it’s his turn again. Some letters are hard, but he’ll get there…

I went back to work in September and it’s been an adjustment. For the whole family. The kid was acting up and decided he didn’t like me at all, and at the same time he didn’t want to let me out of his sight. Husband started his year as a stay-at-home-dad, that took a bit of time for him to get the hang of it, but he’s getting there. I’m truly enjoying being back at work, have been travelling a bit around the country it’s been really fun. I do seem to have a small problem to take “my own time”,  and feeling guilty if and when I’ve gone somewhere on my own. Once, since the end of August, but still…

So, work is good, school’s ok, husbands fine, kid’s fine, I’m fine…

I’ll try to do a post about the kid and what’s he up to now of days, but I won’t promise when I’ll do that, as it might take some time once again, or then not…

The kid learning how to snowboard

Have a good one!


Our son hates, and I do mean HATES all changes that involve his life.

I guess it has become easier over the years, but he still “misses” his sofa, that he had in his room the first 8 Months he was at home. We sold that sofa 3 years ago…

During the last 7 days the following has change;

  • He got a new phone, well new for him, my old one. A really good phone, that can be used as a music player and a camera and and and… But he had to give up his 19€ 5 year old Samsung.
  • Then we got a new table and chairs, a smaller one, but at least you don’t have to worry about the chairs breaking when you sit on them.
  • His teacher was sick on Friday and the 1st and 2nd grade was joined together for the 3 hours our son had school.
  • We moved our old kitchen table in to his room, so he could build his train track somewhere where he didn’t need to clean it up in the evening.

Add all this small things with having to try something he can’t do, ie reading and the fact that school is still new and he is really knackered when he comes home. And the result is we have had tantrums and talking back.

It’s all very understandable and stuff, but it drains you, especially as we have gotten used to not having tantrums.

But I can manage the tantrums, the talking back is the really annoying stuff. And I know how to handle tantrums, but this speaking back part is the hard part, I don’t really know how to handle it. But we do our best, and we have really clean doors at the moment.


Have to say though that the times between the talking back and tantrums are awesome.

He’s talking more, still not telling us about things that happened that day, but we might get something that had happened earlier during the week, so that’s an improvement. Mainly we talk about funny things, like Nordic myths, or the Colosseum or who invented the motor for the car or mass production… You know simple stuff… I do love that he is interested in everything, and he wants to know everything, but have to admit that when he was wondering what was the name of the first person to ride a horse, I had to tell him I don’t know.

The kid still loves fishing, not that he’s caught a fish in Months… Someday soon, we hope… =D



The first weeks in school

Monkey started school on Tuesday 12th of August. So, he’s now been in school for 7 days. 

And so far we have had tantrums and holding everyday. And to tantrums about homework…

Homework tantrums have been smallish, but reading is hard when you don’t trust that you can do it. I can see his lips saying the right word silently and then he says, I DON’T KNOW. He does know, he just doesn’t trust himself. Maths is easy. He loves it. Except when he made a mistake, after that the tantrum started with self pity and ‘all he had done in school during the day was make mistake after mistake and he had written ANA when he was trying to write APA. and it had been soooo bad, no one else had done any mistakes at all, just him, as he’s so bad at school… ‘

I try to tell him, that everyone makes mistakes, it’s ok. you can’t be 100% right all the time. Nobody is that. 

But it doesn’t sink in. He has to be the best and be right all the time. 1 mistake is 1 too many. 

So if anyone has any ideas on how to make a child understand that it’s ok to make a mistake, please tell me… 

Summer 2014

Sorry for not posting anything in a long time, we’ve been mostly out and about so haven’t even opened my computer in over a month (have played with my tablet and my phone, so didn’t go totally crazy).

The kid turned 8 years on 11th of July, had a friend party with 4 boys this year. He had so much fun. The next day there was a lot more people celebrating his birthday, family and friends. And once again he had so much fun.

After that we got a heat wave over here and it’s been really really warm.
That has meant a lot of swimming. And I do mean a lot of it.

He also go a fishing road for his birthday, so we’ve been fishing a lot lately.

At the end of July/start of August we went on a short family holiday. The holiday included staying on camping grounds, going to an adventure park, and lot’s of swimming and spending time together. We had a lovely time.


And the big day arrived yesterday and the kid started school.

The first day went well, and homework was easy.

All in all, a nice summer.

It’s wonderful what you have time to do, when there’s no tv/computer/tablet for a day…

We have had such a nice morning so far.

This is what the green and red toilet rolls are for, a garage for monkeys little cars… Almost done with the colouring…

Now the kid’s of to my dads for the day. Husband and me are going to go shopping for the kids birthday present…

On Wednesday morning we jumped in to the car and drove for 4 (!) hours up North to visit Monkeyboy’s Godmother.

And yesterday we drove back home. A very short visit, but still we had time to a lot of things together.

We went swimming 2 times, it was so cold. We played baseball and football. Monkeyboy got help from his godmother to train the dog.


It was a nice trip, and we had a lot of fun. I just wish the kid would have slept a bit more…


Edessä elämän matka. Ehkä.

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