It feels like I don’t really have anything to say anymore. Life is pretty much normal.

For the most part we have a happy little boy. Or big boy actually. He’s turning 9 this summer. He has also lived over half of his life with us. I remember reading years ago how happy some people got when that day had arrived, they counted in advance the exact date and everything. Then it seemed that for us that day was so far away. Some time in March 2015… The day came and went.

School’s going better. in his last writing test he got 17/22. Amazing for our son, who hates writing and thinks he always gets everything wrong.

He loves cooking and playing games with us. and tv, he loves tv and electronics. If he could choose, that’s all he would do day in and day out. But we have rules. And they seem to work.

He hates that I work. And especially that I work so much as I do. Never mind how I try to explain that even if I work long days a few days a week, I also take days off every now and then. No, he thinks I should work 2 days a week, his papa should work 2 days a week. he should be 4 days a week in school, and we should all be home 3 days a week.

He’s getting a lot closer to his papa. It also means a lot more fighting with papa. And then small signs that he wants papa to keep close by. Prove he isn’t going anywhere. For the most part it works. Like yesterday when he came in and asked his papa where he had his hammer. He didn’t ask me. It ended up with the boys building things “all day”. Sweet. Every now and then I got a shout to come outside and look at how good they were.

All in all. I think this will be it. Don’t really have anything to say anymore. for the most part it’s all good, life is good. We have the coolest little man in this planet. And he’s all mine (and a bit belongs to his papa as well).

Take care.